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Singing Ring® Sound Therapy

Rebalance, Reconnect, Resonate

Singing Ring® creates a wide range of frequencies, and it is scientifically proven that its sound effectively improves our physical and mental condition.

During the session, multiple numbers of Singing Ring® are used to create a phenomenon of sound resonance that makes you feel like you are in the dome of sound. Endorse yourself in the deep relaxation of sound bathing to help you rest and rejuvenate.


Benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve circulation and blood flow

  • Enhance quality of sleep

  • Stimulate immune system

  • Ease physical pain and discomfort

  • Calm and clear mind

  • Improve concentration

  • Balance Chakra to improve energy flow

Singing Ring® is a crystal-infused metal bowl instrument carefully hand-made by Japanese craftsmen with deep knowledge and traditional techniques. The sound of the Singing Ring® creates a gentle and calm environment with its harmonic sound and subtle vibration. It assists you to reduce stress and engage in deep relaxation. Scientific study proves that the sound of Singing Ring®︎ effectively improves our mental and physical condition.

Singing ring® is called a miracle instrument because...

Singing Ring® produces a wide range of harmonic overtones. Each of the same-sized bowls is tuned perfectly and resonates with each other.​

In a bowl filled with water, the shape of a hexagram appears on the surface when it is played in a circular motion. A hexagram is a figure that represents the most harmonious and stable energy.​​


Private Session


Group Session

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