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Singing Ring® Sound Therapy


Wellbeing Program

A circle of smiles, kindness and compassion

Sou Harmony is named after Japanese words that include these meanings.


相 (sou)

to be considerate of others
双 (sou)

to support each other
奏 (sou)

to sound and resonate with each other
創 (sou)

to create a harmonious world

想 (sou)

to care for each other

Sou Harmony hopes to create a healthy and compassionate community where healing leads to a cycle of smiles and kindness.



Private Session

Hearing and feeling the vibrations from the Singing Ring felt as a if big ocean waves were inside my chest which made me very still, and as the sound waves were moving down my body. I felt the water waves were also following that sound and getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until they completely calmed down. I was even visualizing the ocean waves and I really felt like all the water in my body was moving in this wave motion. It felt beautiful and relaxing Thank you again Takayo for this very special experience.
Arigato Gozaimasu,



It was a totally different feeling with any other meditations. It was more about letting your body go of things and you can feel that you are getting positive energy through the Singing Ring® and feel the energy going through your body. Thank you for the amazing experience.


Takayo gave me a short introduction of the Singing Ring before the session.  It felt like a space opening up to heaven. Very beautiful!


It is such an amazing experience. The ease and relaxation you feel afterwards, is blessed by Takayo’s calming voice and the vibration and sounds of the singing ring. It soothes the heart and soul.


Ever since I had a session, my mind has been more clear and less anxious.

I really recommend vibrational energy healing. It also helped me to sleep better


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