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Private sessions

Sou Harmony uses Singing Ring®︎ sound bowls placed around your body to create a tranquil and calming environment. The harmonious overtones produced by Singing Ring® and its gentle vibrations quickly reach the deepest layers of the body. This process aids in restoring the body’s frequency balance to its original healthy state by releasing accumulated unnecessary energy caused by various stresses. 

The session assists stress reduction, promotes a detoxification, and enhances your inner healing capabilities. It facilitates the harmonization of your mental and physical state. Following the session, you may experience a sense of balance, reconnection, and rejuvenation.

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60min $110

This full body therapy uses a set of Singing Ring bowls to achieve a calming effect on the mind, body, and spirit. It's suitable for those experiencing a Singing Ring sound therapy for the first time.

By moving the Singing Ring bowls along the body’s meridians, it fosters the harmonization of energy flow.

* Short consultation included


90min $140

A full-body lymphatic drainage session incorporates aromatherapy and herbal teas based on Ayurveda. We choose the right session for you through a consultation.  The session helps restore harmony to your body, mind, and spirit.

*Short consultation & herbal tea included


reducing stress and deep relaxation

cooling down and feeling relaxed

refreshing mind and body


120min $170

Voice healing technique is used to accompany the sound of Singing Ring. The voice and colour images corresponding to each chakra resonate with the sound and vibration of Singing Ring. It brings the energy pathways back into their original state.

You will be guided with simple chakra work self-care movements and breathing techniques to activate the chakras that are easily imbalanced or cause discomfort. 

* Short consultation included


60min $110

This session will create quality time for you and your child to calm down, relax and enjoy some quiet and peaceful time together. You will feel a beautiful and deep connection with your child.
The session is customized for you and your child and incorporate simple yoga movements, breathing techniques and tapping touch to help develop mindfulness that can be applied to everyday life.


Gift vouchers are available 

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