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Singing Ring Sound Bowl
& Shiatsu Massage 

This blissful workshop will be starting with an introduction of the Singing Ring sound bowls by Takayo and some guidance of what you can expect experiencing both harmonic sound and touch.

Following this, we will begin with some guided somatic type meditation to get you grounded and settled,

once this is achieved Takayo will begin with her harmonic sound bowls.

Starting with the sound penetrating the whole room and yourselves,

Takayo will then go around to each of you with the option of having the bowls directly on certain parts of your body. 

As this is happening, Narelle will be doing some shiatsu massage to each of you for around 5 minutes.


So everyone gets a go. This part will most likely go for 90 minutes.

We will then end with light refreshments and snacks..

Our priority is that it is the most safest and nurturing experience for you.

Please know that you don't have to lay on your back the whole time, you can move to where feels most comfortable,

eg. on your stomach, your side, even sitting in a chair or on the floor. You also can opt on the day to not have hands on you. Nervous system safety is our number one priority, so please don't be shy to let us know.​

With Love Takayo and Narelle​​​





Date : Saturday 8 June​

Time : 11.30am-1.15pm

Doors will be open 10mins before commencement time.

Location:  Yoga LYFE, 107 Canterbury Road, Middle Park VIC 3206

(Please note there is plenty of free parking in the area)


Cost: $85.00

Includes workshop, mats, bolsters, blankets, eye pillows,

light refreshments & nourishing snacks.

Hosted by: Narelle Borg & Takayo Someda

0403 705 975 / 0418 398 590


Please book your tickets here

We look forward to sharing this experience with you

Your host

Narelle and Takayo will invite you to the healing immersion

by Singing Ring Sound bowls and intuitive Shiatsu Massage hands


Narelle Borg

Harmony and Alignment

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Shiatsu & Intuitive Massage

"I love to provide a space in which people feel safe, so they can access their own inner healing potential. I do this through combined skills of  listening touch, somatic guidance experiencing and other modalities when needed."

Takayo Someda

Sou Harmony

Singing Ring Sound Therapy

Tapping Touch

Yoga & Chakra work

"I bring the sound of Singing Ring® and a gentle mindful touch to the community, supporting people to live healthier and happier lives to create a harmonious world. "

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