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Hello I am Takayo. 

In 2017, I had a life-changing encounter with Singing Ring🄬.

At that time, I realized that both myself and my colleagues in the early childhood education field were struggling with physical and mental health issues due to stress, which was also significantly affecting our personal lives.

Through my encounter with Singing Ring🄬, I was fascinated by the healing and therapeutic power that sound can have on the mind and body, and I began studying sound therapy. I learned that everything vibrates, and by harmonizing, we can achieve balance, leading to a healthy and happy life.

Additionally, in 2020, Tapping Touch came into my world. I deeply resonated with the healing power of human touch and compassionate hearts. I believe that this healing power can help us build better relationships with ourselves, others, and society.

Through the harmony of sound and the warmth of touch, and by creating a space where you can value yourself, I aim to spread a circle of gentle smiles and work towards a society filled with kindness and compassion.


Takayo Someda

Singing Ring® Certified Sound Therapist Tapping Touch Certified Instructor

Yoga & Chakra Work Instructor

Mindfulness program facilitator

Early Childhood Educator

Dementia Rehabilitation

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